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Okay, time for your Fun Friday Site! Cut Bread

When you have finished cutting bread, please continue to work on your project 2 site. We will also review Creative Commons Licenses.


A fun day for recording yourself!

lamb on sheep
This is a recording I did a couple of years ago.

Listen to this podcast for information on today's project.


Today you will have time to continue on project 2. Add some content and pictures. Be sure to keep a works cited page with where you are getting your information and pictures. You can use citation machine MLA format to help correctly cite what you use.



This is an formatting example called boxout. The code contains the picture and the text and places it to the right.

You will need to add it to your style sheet.

Today you will try another way to place pictures and text on your page.
Here is the css for it:

#boxout { background:url (boxout_corner.gif) top left no-repeat;

The html would be:
<div id="boxout">
<img src="your image.jpg" alt="??"/>
Then add some text unsing <p>
Don't forget to close this div.


Today: Sound Files

You will add an audio to a picture on your assignment page. It is a simple html5 code that you can use with mp3, wav and ogg files.

wolves howling

Make a new folder called media to save sound files in.

The html5 code you will use:
<audio controls>
<source src="your sound file.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
Your browser does not support the audio element.

Here are some sites for free sound clips.


ketchup and mustard bottles

Your fun Friday site - Remoji

Today is a Ketchup & Mustard Day

Please work on your Project 2 sites. Schedule some Advisory time in the library if something is not working on your Project 1 site or you did not finish some of the assignments.

Your assignment page should now have:
  • 2 column fluid layout with at least 2 pictures
  • a picture that is a link back to the home page

  • Your whole site should have:
  • navigation links working on all pages
  • some text and a picture on your homepage - index.html
  • some text and a picture on your hobby or interest page
  • a footer on each page
  • a Creative Commons License on one page
  • Thursday

    Domains? Anyone can own a domain. Here are a couple of places you can use to check the ownership of a domain Instant Domain Search or

    Please use one of the domain lookup sites to find the owner of You can use GoDaddy or several other places that sell domains to see if a domain name is available and what it would cost to buy.

    You will now have time to work on your Project 2 site.
    When you take information or a picture off of another website please use the Citation Machine or a similar tool. Save that info on the citation page of your new site.
    Jump to directions for Project 2.


    Today you will put a license on your assignment page.
    Go to  the Creative Commons website. Click on Share Your Work. Follow the directions to choose the license you want. Get the code for the small display and place it at the bottom of your assign.html page. Be sure to place it above the footer.

    You now have time to finish your assignment from yesterday and then work on your next site. You can start with creating a banner.


    Creative Commons Part 2
    These are what the icons mean.

    creative commons

    And this is what you will see on a page that is using a Creative Commons License.

    creative commons

    Now on to some more coding. You will use this on your assignment page. Or if you have already saved things on that page, create a new html page and name it sample. Link sample.html to the assignment page.

    I created a two column fluid layout using css. Here are some pictures and text using that layout. Here is the css code I used:
    #column1 {
        margin-left:20px; }

    #column2 {
        margin-left:12px; }

    The HTML code: <div id="column1">

    Put some pictures in this column and the close the div. Do the same with the second column.
    Try finding some pictures on one of the sites below that have a CC License.


    Copyright Law
    Pictures on the internet are not necessarily free. Generally any commercial or corporate images (like Disney characters) can not be used without permission. There are some exceptions for educational purposes. For instance, video clips of films and sound tracks about 3 minutes or less in length used for a school project to illustrate a point are considered fair use. The Disney video below falls into this category. But, we also have Creative Commons. It is used by anyone that would like to freely share their work or share with only a few restrictions. To find pictures that you can legally use try some of the sites listed below.


    Here is a list of sites you can use to find images that are copyright friendly.

    The Creative Commons Website

    Project 2 Assignment

    - Public Service Announcement (PSA) You will have 2 weeks to work on this.
    Here are the details: Public Service - Purpose is to heighten awareness of an important issue. Student choice of project - environmental issue, child labor, human trafficking, or a local issue. Click here for even more ideas.
    Pages   3 minimum       
    Page 1 Overview or explanation of your topic with 1 or 2 pictures.
    Page 2 A more in depth review with outside links to credible sites.
    Page 3 A citation (MLA) page with where your information for page 1 and 2 came from.
    On one page - You must include a podcast or record an interview.
    On each page pictures and text that support your topic
    On one page create a short film clip and embed
    Link this new site from your assignment page.